About The Author

In 1974 I photographed my first rock concert in a hockey arena in Calgary. It was an event featuring 3 bands, Kiss, Savoy Brown and Manfred Mann. Ticket price $4.00. I just walked in and started taking shots with my new Pentax camera. I hardly knew what I was doing but it was the start of shooting many bands. A few years later Keith Sharp, a sports writer with the Calgary Herald, invited me to photograph for his new publication Music Express. It was an opportunity every teenage photographer dreams for but few rarely experience. The magazine left Calgary for Toronto in 1978 but I will always treasure the time that it was, however short.

When the magazine moved away I lived in Atlanta, Georgia for two years and then returned to Canada where I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Simon Fraser University.

Today I still in Calgary with my wife and two sons who lovingly feign interest at my stories of shooting rock bands or  being attacked while photographing Queen. They support me at the Calgary Comicon where I sell photographs of 70's bands.