The Book

As a teenager in school, I knew I was living a dream. When my friends were going home to do school work or music lessons, I was photographing rock acts on stage and attending interviews for a new magazine called Music Express. My evenings were spent developing 35mm rolls of film with images of Queen, Rush, Fleetwood Mac or Kiss. I would develop the film and then make test strips on photographic paper to see what shots could be used in the magazine. I never tired of the magic of putting an 8X12 sheet of paper into a tray of chemicals to watch a performer's face suddenly appear.

This book is about the magic from 1974 to 1978 when I photographed music acts from many genres. It may have been decades ago, but every time I look at a yellowing shot of Eric Clapton, Styx, Thin Lizzy or The Who, I long to grab my old Canon FTB film camera and photograph another act, if only in a timeless dream.

The genesis for this book came in 2015 when Rush stopped me from selling shots taken of the band going back to 1974 and 1977. It was then that my sons said to me "Dad it is time to do a book" and this is the result. I hope you enjoy reading and viewing all the art and magic it contains.